Little Spoon:

  • feeling safe and secured
  • it feels so warm mmmm
  • straight to sleep bc comfy

Big Spoon:

  • face full of hair
  • one dead arm 
  • awkward boner

Little Spoon:

  • too hot/can’t wiggle
  • someone’s drool on neck
  • holding in farts

Big Spoon:

  • fart all ya want
  • perfect temperature
  • get up and go on tumblr anytime 

This is a complete list of the pros/cons involved in spooning. What a wonderful spooning reference post.

The heart; it’s a funny thing. Yeah, it’s 1, 2, 3, 4 chambers that pump blood through the body, but it does so much more. It pines, it sinks, it soars; bands have heart, stories tug at it, games send it racing and each day is a change to give every beat a meaning. The heart wants a kiss to send it fluttering and it wants it now. It wants break up songs, red eye movie nights and late night creme brulee and it wants heavy hearts, heart break, heart racers, heart bursters, and heart stoppers. Sometimes the heart loves hating and sometimes the heart hates loving, but more than anything, the heart just wants to feel. There are about 2,500,000,000 heartbeats in a lifetime; you should feel every one of them.
In moments of chaos, we can become swept away with emotion, or we can choose to become our own stabilizing factor. When we force ourselves to become steady and firmly grounded in moments of chaos, we can then find unwavering peace.

One thing I want to see change in the world is the way people love one another. I have the biggest heart and I have room for anyone who wants to be in it. I welcome everyone with open arms and I can only hope that they accept me, my love, and what I have to offer. I think everyone needs someone to care for them and I am willing to be that person for anyone who wants it. It’s very comforting knowing that someone out there cares about you.